Saturday, 10 December 2016

Epsom Salts and Imagination

Epsoms salts are wonderful for plants giving them a boost of magnesium, especially for tomatoes or citrus, and gardenias showing signs of yellowing leaves, in fact many plants can benefit. Its very cheap and you can buy a packet for $2.80 at the supermarket.

Another thing with Epsom salts is its nice for the bath to relax in. I worked on Friday for five hours on my feet so by the time I got home I was needing to put my feet up and soak. (Hooray I found a job at last!) My workplace even had a herb garden out the back so I was picking thyme to put with a platter of bread loaves.

Yesterday we had another working bee down at the garden, Jacqui planted basil and more capsicums. I clipped lavender and moved calendulas. Today I'm going to be cutting roses for church and possibly even might (sacrilege) go to King Plant Barn and buy two poinsettias as pots plants to go in the church, because, my flowers don't last that long in the summer heat! Besides yesterday when I went to tidy up the flowers, noticed they had put up a (fake) christmas tree in the church, and decorated the ceiling with snowflakes. How will my summer flowers compete with this wintery theme?

I thought of picking potato flowers but then decided against it, as with my herb rue which is in bloom now, as people might not appreciate those kinds of flowers in church (it looks suspiciously like a weed). I really don't know, if I introduce a beach theme people might get confused with the tropical flowers and then pine trees and snowflakes and it will cause cognitive dissonance, as this is a Presbyterian Church so maybe the Scots are winning in the decor area even though much of the congregation is from the Islands...

At the Baptist church they had dracenas as indoor pot plants and yucca 'architectural plants' like you would find in a generic office building, and a few fake flowers. If I were interior designer for a church I think I might have to say, well hey you can't just put anything in its got to have a theme and I'm sure God didn't ask for spiky plants with thorns and thistles, when He had the temple it was decorated with pomegranates and palms.

But what do I know. Max had an idea for the garden at Woodside that we could put up a concrete wall and a barbed wire fence. A prison garden perhaps? He said we needed a fence. I pointed out that we already have barbed wire in the form of blackberry brambles on one side.  What about planting sweetcorn all around the perimeter instead. We could have a maize maze!

What I really like is the Tree Church which is down in Waikato I heard there was this church made entirely out of trees. If I ever get married (hmm not likely) I would want to get married in the tree church. Even if it's all the way in Waikato. Who knows maybe my future husband is from there and we could just sail down the Waikato river on a lilo for our honeymoon like one crazy guy did once to fight off depression. We could stop at the Hamilton Gardens and get our photos taken with the roses.

After that who knows. Imagination is a powerful thing.