Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Pukeko and a cup of tea

Forgot to mention my brother gave me a pukeko, I asked for Christmas to go with my ponga tree. Am going to head up to the Warehouse later as have a gift card to spend and may see if they have any more ponga trees, I have two, but would like a third (just to complete the trinity).

I also need a wall planner and new calendar, a teapot for one that I can make herbal tea in, and other sundry items. I have been getting into herbs more and finding out more about them, since I have been having trouble with mysterious ailment known as swelling ankles. Apparently, gotu kola is good for them, as is parsley, and herbs that I don't grow but can buy as a tea at the health food store - horsetail, goldenrod, gingseng, ginger.

Other herbs good for tea include peppermint, lemon balm, lemon grass, manuka (have plenty of that) and I do have a camellia sinesis which is the traditional chinese tea. The star jasmine climber that I have growing I'm not actually sure that tea can be made from it. Karyn who is our resident herb lady has been discussing herbs with me on the Book Chooks and I'm finding out all sorts of things. Did you know meadowsweet has similar properties to what we now use as aspirin?

I'd like to learn more like how to make a poultice, how to infuse and make decoctions, how to dry herbs and to make herbal rubs for meats.

I haven't heard back from Auckland Permaculture Workshops, only a generic email saying they got my email and will be in touch shortly. Well sure that was weeks ago. I'm thinking perhaps I will do a course on herbs instead. I better get going - I've shredded another lot of letters. I think there may be more, but they make good mulch, I must say. And much cheaper than pea straw.

If you'd like to come over I can offer a cup of herbal tea and we can sit under the tangelo tree and sip. Dad bought some sausages yesterday so am thinking time to bring out the bbq. But bbq for one doesn't sound like fun. I'm going to have to invite some friends over. Although its a pain having to host and cook at the same time, and Lord knows I can't ask my guests to cook their own food. Unless you want to? Anyway think about it cos I don't have all summer...