Friday, 30 December 2016

Boxing Day Sale (ends 4 Jan)

My shopping list...

Passionfruit vine - will it take this time???
Muelhenbeckia Complexa (am going to grow it along chain link fence)
Thyme - can't have enough, as I'm only a third the way to completing my walk on thyme bed
Arbour to grow the wisteria on. Somewhere there is an arbour and seat with my name on it.
Hebe - seem to do really well in my rocky bed.
Virginia Creeper
Dichondra falls for my wall planters

Something, anything to put under the maple tree. After the daffodils and bluebells die down, all thats left is one patch of liriope, everything else I've tried there shrivels and dies.

Some movers and shakers- muelhenbeckia astonii is now in front of the camellia. Agapanthus stump is now next to the rosemary. Begonias are now with the tree ferns along with more spider plants. Boronia (I think its one, I may be wrong)  is now next to the hydrangea.

Several melons have sprung up so am going to move some to Woodside. Jacqui is going to come with me to Kings Plant Barn and perhaps restrain me from buying too many plants. Honestly I don't think she needs to as Mitre 10 seems to have the better selection and their plants look healthier, they have more tools, and the always seem to be cheaper even when they aren't having a sale. But maybe we will just forgo plant buying and have a milkshake at their fancy cafe instead.

I always see ads asking for baristas to work in their busy cafe, and they always seem to crop up routinely online so I wonder if they have a revolving door of baristas or they just get worn out so quickly they constantly need replacing. Which is a pity, but I do think many people just go there for the cafe and don't bother with the (pricy) plants, having spent all their retirement funds already and are just taking advantage of their Gold Cards. Too bad I trained in horticulture and not hospitality, and can't make a cup of coffee to save anyone's life.