Sunday, 4 December 2016

More rambling

The church flowers were wilting by the time I got to church. What, had I not wetted the foam? Maybe not enough. Or maybe I didn't cut the stems at the right angle. But I don't know if anyone noticed that much. The sweet peas were fine as were the flowers in the vase, but that floral foam, well, I don't know. I might have to rethink those displays. Ok for a first attempt.

I made a quick exit and thought, well these church members are very forgiving.
Unlike some church members who are offended at every little thing. But I have learnt to avoid them plus you can't please everyone all the time. Els the floral queen was away in Fiji where I expect she has a hibiscus in her hair everyday. But the good thing is Marie has offered her rose bushes for next week, if I help her with morning tea (or rather, in this church, is more like lunch).

Anyhow, with Christmas around the corner I'm not sure I can compete with fullblown tinsel and snowmen and reindeer and fake pine trees. But my display did have a red and green theme.

Some melons or pumpkins have appeared as shoots in my former hugelkultur bed. I pointed them out to mum. She, to my surprise said leave them, so maybe I will get a vege bed after all growing right out of the lawn. We went for a walk to Woodside where I thought maybe we would have a harvest but we didn't take anything.

I am going to bone up on permaculture, and hope to hear from the APW course people soon, but it seems like they are not replying. Perhaps the course is so popular that they have to turn people away. I don't know. I thought I would write a book called Four Seasons In One Day - Gardening in Auckland.

Or 'Bermaculture'. If the Auckland City Council get wind of it they might issue me with censorship fines and higher rates. Of course Oprah's Book Club would not have it, but Book Chooks might. I think it was great that Michelle Obama actually wrote a gardening book. I wonder if Mrs Trump will write one. I can't imagine John Key's wife writing a book about gardening as I've seen their front yard in Parnell and I don't think the state of the nation can depend on getting your swirling topiaries going in the right direction. But maybe I am wrong. Maybe in New Zealand they can only go anti-clockwise whilst in the northern hemisphere they go clockwise and this affects world trade. Who knows?

More rambling gardening madness.