Friday, 2 December 2016

Church Flowers

This morning I am going to pick all the flowers for church. This is daunting as never done it before and will I have enough flowers? How do I arrange them?

Thanks to the library I have borrowed a book called 'Church Flowers' by Judith Blacklock and it shows you how to do them plus with tips although this church is not one of those traditional nave and pew type church. Thank God! (It would look completely amateur if it was one of those). I think they are ok with more contemporary/minimalist styles. Well He asked ME to do them not a professional florist so...

So I have buckets and a baby bath and pipe cleaners and secateurs and vases, I will need some of that florist foam and just anything that would make a good arrangement. I have set myself a challenge that I will use only real flowers and foliage.

If I do need help I suppose I can call a friend who did used to be a florist although she said when she was working as one it was quite hard work. I can imagine, as having visited a rose factory on my field trip and seen those huge bunching machines, cold stores, plus knowing florists have deadlines to meet (all those weddings and funerals) and only picking the very best. I don't have tricks like ethylene or silver nitrate to chemically induce flowers to last forever, but it is only for this month and it really only needs to last the Sunday when everyone is gathered.

These are the flowers and foliage that I will pick-

sweet peas
lambs ears
licorice plant
ivy geranium
magauerite daisy
busy lizzie
cyclamen in pots
fern fronds
fruit salad plant leaves
sweet william

Sorry I do not have roses, hydrangeas, lilies,  camellias, orchids, gerberas, sunflowers or any of the fancy flowers the florists have. It is going to be small and beautiful even though churches often require bold displays of huge flowers. But maybe I can cut a few flax leaves from Pak N'Save. After all they gave us the rosemary. Mum took a cutting from the old Pak N' Save roadside planting and it just grew into a huge bush. Thanks Pak N'Save.