Tuesday, 6 December 2016

My Day Job

I never know what to say when people ask me what I do so have now fixed that I will say my day job is gardening. Because when I say 'librarian' people's eyes glaze over and then they ask me what my favourite book is and I can't tell them. I read so many I can't just pick one that is my favourite. If I say  'Revelation' which is by the way, a really good book, I never know how they may react. Then I might venture to say what current book I'm reading but the people that ask me of course don't read any books themselves and start talking bout the Kardashians. I have no clue and don't really care if one of them lost 100 pounds but apparently its really important to keep watching them in case they do lose more.

But one thing I must share was that I won a prize last night for being producer of the Book Chooks. And God must have been trying to say something because my number got picked and I also won a hamper of goodies at the Micie Awards. It was like winning an Oscar. My acceptance speech was pretty short, it was like 'what a surprise, thank you!' hug and kiss.

Anyhow, back to my day job.
At 900 hours I am going out to do check my plants are doing ok and surviving.
Tasks for today include mulching, and I have bought two paper shredders for the task of turning useless assignments into garden mulch. One I found at the Op Shop for only $12 that does three sheets at a time, you feed the paper and the machine chomps it up into shreds. The other I found on trade me a hand shredder in which you turn the handle which also chomps paper into fettucine. Goodbye bills, assorted junk mail and letters asking me for money that I don't have. Sayonara love letters that never got replied to. Ok well maybe not the last one, but you know, if I don't send any I won't receive anything.
This year I sent an email to Santa in case, if he still thinks I'm good, he may decide to give me a subscription to NZ Gardener. Well dad seemed to be helping Santa and next thing I know he's already ordered me a years worth. ?! So maybe if I have extra copies I can give them to friends.

Staying on task, I will need to check the coral peas are climbing in the right direction. I have removed the sweet peas as its starting to get too hot for them and half of them are now mulch. It might be next week my Christmas lilies will be in bloom as they are budding now so I will have these flowers for church.

Morning tea/smoko. This is a cup of tea with a biscuit, usually a ginger nut.

Next task is checking Martha hasn't run away and she might have left us a squashed egg. Then mail call, usually something from the neighbour which means its necessary I write something back like 'It's cloudy today, and I haven't done any christmas shopping as I have no extra money' because this neighbour is still in bondage to the idea of Xmas shopping for every single person he's ever known.

Lunch time. Which, for gardeners is usually a takeaway affair as we can't all be cooks at the same time as gardening. But if I'm not gardening I will spend time cooking. Yes the division of labour is something that needs to be looked at.

Then siesta, because who in their right mind would garden in the middle of the day under the blazing sun. Only crazy people that's who.

Afternoon shift is spent reading and studying gardening books. And then by the time I'm finished its tea time, bathtime and ready for bed. I get paid a sum total of $0. But I'm not complaining, because who needs money when you have a garden. Plus, its not as if I have to walk far to work and pay for parking. Unlike SOME jobs - Auckland Public Library I'm referring to you.