Wednesday, 30 December 2015

The sixth day of Christmas

We harvested the agria potatoes at Woodside today, from 27 potatoes planted we hauled in 260!
I am going to make potato salad with the baby ones and bake the big ones. Yum!

More things have been happening, red busy lizzies or impatiens are now under the wheki fern tree. I had another visitor to my garden, who to my dismay asked if most of my plants were weeds. I concurred that in Auckland, every plant is a weed.
He quickly changed the subject and asked where are the carnations? Over there, I said,  and pointed. Also  I have sweet williams, also known as pinks, or cloves, and they do faintly smell. So I picked one and gave it to him. I wonder if its proper to give a man flowers.

After looking at my garden and pronouncing it 'good' he asked why I didn't have any quotes from Shakespeare. Well I don't know, should a garden have quotes from Shakespeare? I suppose I could put some by Sweet William. 'The quality of mercy is not strained' he suggested, but I thought it would be more appropriate to have 'the rain it raineth every day.'
Then, after saying everything that was missing, like a fountain, I said, if he would like to dig a well or  build a viaduct from the creek he was welcome.

Nevermind. You can't win them all.

I planted my kowhai today, after removing the everlasting spinach that was just a thick stump with no leaves in hopes that it will grow into a tall tree so that tuis can come and feed off the sweet nectar and we wouldn't have to stare at our back neighbours' motorbikes parked in their driveway. Everybody needs good neighbours, but we also need good boundaries, and its much nicer to listen to birdsong in the morning than roaring motorbikes. Our neighbours are somewhat Westies. Actually they are not too bad, so much better than the one we had before who complained if a leaf so much as dropped on his side of the fence. But now thankfully that grumpy neighbour has moved to another galaxy far, far away.