Saturday, 5 December 2015

I am the vine, you are the branches

The tomatoes have grown unruly so I am cutting off any branches that aren't bearing fruit, to allow the fruitful ones to grow, and the leaves hanging down. I then staked them upright.

I have put up the garden arch. After all that, it wasn't too difficult. It now stands at the entrance of our front garden and I have put two pots at either side, which will have gourds or pumpkins or melons. Some sort of curcubit anyway.

I have repotted the capsicums. At church someone was giving away gladioli, so I took them, they are red ones. The note said 'not genetically engineered' so, bonus, I got pure bred red ones! I put them down the back.

I also took out the big weed that was growing, which I thought at first might turn out to be a hollyhock or some tall flower, turns out, it's just a weed. Some sort of dandelion or yellow flowered looking thing. I was just thinking why are the majority of weeds yellow? You have dandelions, nipplewort, hensbane, groundsel, gorse, hawkbit, catsears, creeping buttercup...all yellow flowered.

And then there's other yellow, non-weed flowers like daffodils, calendula, nasturtiums, kowhai, daisies, evening primrose and sunflowers. I could ask a gardening expert, but not sure what they will answer. I might try the gardening experts at Mitre 10. They might know.

On Saturday, yesterday, we had another working bee at Woodside and I planted two swan plants, an egg plant, and sunflowers. Everyone else was distributing tomatoes all over the show. And we didn't put up the arch. I'm not sure why...when I looked at it I thought, we need a man to do this as it's got screws and looks too big. I was saying to Karyn, where are all the men? Why are all the ladies doing the work? Are we scaring the men away? After all, they make good diggers and mowers.

I thought of putting an ad in the Western Leader saying in big bold capital letters. MEN WANTED. FOR THE GARDEN. WHERE THE BLOODY HELL ARE YA?

It is a possibility they are hiding naked and ashamed in the bushes.
Well too bad. Next time I am just going to put it up all by myself.