Thursday, 3 December 2015

Around the garden arch

I saw a garden arch for sale only $15 at Kmart.
I am going to buy one. If mum doesn't like it, too bad. You can't please everyone. I am going to have it over the entrance and attempt to grow gourds off it.
Also Kings are having a special 5 bags of compost for $20.

Then I'll grab some bromeliads from my brother's house, and fill up the water barrels and we are away. Hydrangea is starting to bloom, I have a blue and a pink one.

Dad cut down one of the dying lemon trees so I can't use it to hang my bird feeder off anymore (I found those plastic and metal birdfeeders to be pretty useless anyway). nor my christmas socks.

I put in some scarlet runner beans round the obelisk, and my sunflowers and melons have now sprouted. I have been picking more sweet peas, and my canna lily is blooming red. I have also removed the metrosideros Tahiti to a discreet spot for it to recover and replaced it with a cistus Rock rose. Which looks pretty happy and lush there - it thrives in infertile soil.

My friend Ellen is now working at New Lynn Mitre 10 doing her dream badly paid gardening job. She compensates for the bad pay by sitting 8 hours in front of a computer in her other job which pays twice as much. She says everyone looks to her as the gardening expert now and she told some clueless customers that they don't need to fertilise their plants EVERY week. Also, when a plant is dying, maybe you forgot to water it. I don't know, some people just assume a plant can grow without water. Of course, she confides in me, which I'm now confiding in you dear reader, she doesn't know EVERYTHING but I'm sure she can tell you a lot more than what she knew a year ago.

That tree of knowledge of good and evil did come in handy after all. In fact, I think it pretty much looked like a fake christmas tree that you see people put up this time of the year. THEY don't need watering. Just don't eat the fruit because it's fake.