Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Good morning, glory

I put four morning glories beside the arch so they can grow up the sides. I had grown them from seed in pots and really looking forward to their flowers.

Of course, mum wasn't pleased with the arch and muttered something ...but I didn't hear. She obviously has issues with me spending my own money, but it didn't even cost that much. And then she bought some more junk from the flea market, a food processor which she has nowhere to put in the kitchen, because she ALREADY has one.

Well, she can complain all she wants but as far as I know she hasn't pulled out any of my plants, unlike the chickens. I tell you it's a battleground. I planted three gypsophilias and everytime I put them in the ground, the chickens dig them up. What is it you don't like, chickens? Would you prefer to live in a desert? I can send you to Australia and then you can live in the biggest dustbowl there is.


In other news, I thought, maybe I could take a leaf out of the Grapevine magazine's magazine and solicit people for money. Everytime I glance at one of their magazines they always asking people for money to pay for the cost of you reading it. I mean they don't want to do anything dirty like actually SELL their magazine in the shops like a normal magazine would be sold. Instead it is distributed, like junk mail, and you can pay for the cost of distributing it to your neighbours and keep the editors employed.

As I am writing this for free and you have the privelige of reading it online, I think maybe you could just forward it onto all your interested gardening friends and then...I don't know, I could become gardening guru of the blogosphere/worldwide web/internet/cyberspace/email list, and then one day it may be published in a book of some kind and make someone, i.e. me, very rich indeed.