Saturday, 19 December 2015

Cool Bananas

We planted four banana palms at Woodside yesterday. Jacqui had grown them from seed and they had reached a good size to be planted out. So, in the future we shall add bananas to our harvest!

I am thinking it would be nice to have at least two palms in my garden so I can hang a hammock in between. Bananas may be nice but I'm thinking nikau as its native.

I also put in three bitter melons at Woodside where the peas were, and two busy lizzie cuttings that I don't know if they will take. They are red and christmassy looking. My sister has showed me her 'christmas tree' which is a poinsettia. I have chosen to give the honor to the olive tree that I planted earlier this year, and it now has a sheep and a duck gracing it. I will have to ask the planet Venus to be  my star of Bethlehem and to please shine brighter than all the stars in the sky directly over my tree.

Next door has lit up their deck with lights AND put in some plants and soil to make a raised bed next to the house. I see they have basket ferns and busy lizzies too. I may have to get some busy lizzies as I quite like the hot pink coloured ones, although red or orange would stand out against the house. Or I could try begonias.

I am thinking also of some kind of water feature in my garden. Perhaps just a pond with irises or lillies. I do have a birdbath and various pools of water dotted around for the chickens but it would be nice to have a fountain or bit of running water. Or a wishing well?

My friend Beth has offered me to have a selection of tree ferns or pungas growing wild at her place. So my dream of a fernery may be realised after all!

Went to the New Lynn $1 book sale. I bought three books, one of which is Readers Digest Good Ideas for Your Garden. So be warned the next few rambling garden diary entries may be full of those ideas.