Monday, 28 December 2015

The fourth day of Christmas

Yesterday I went with mum to the West Lynn Gardens and had a wander through the Butterfly House. It was packed with Monarch butterflies and was delightful. They were giving away swan plant seeds so I managed to snag a whole lot. I am going to sow them all along the border.

I took down my licorice plant from the hanging basket where it had grown in a mass and planted it near the driveway under the coprosma as it would make a good furry groundcover, it even has flowers. I think it's too much of a hassle watering hanging baskets from up high, so I may hang something else there instead.

I still plan to buy or snag some red busy lizzies and put them in pots to brighten up the foundations of the house as its a bit bare. I pulled up the vietnamese mint in  the L shaped border and scattered sunflower seeds there, not sure if they will grow big enough there as its shaded in the morning, but I think they would look good there.

For my dad's weather station I was thinking wouldn't it be nice to make a herbal parterre there in a square or diamond star shape. I could have chamomile and thyme growing there.

More plans and ideas - when bluebells and snowflake bulbs are on sale I plan to buy masses to put under the maple tree. More daffodils may be nice too but they may go in the L shaped border as they grow long and scented and would be nice by the pathway.

Our bbq went well, but, I have to say there's some things I need which would be ideal for our bbq, and that would be another bench or table, to sit at, and also, tip - if you barbecuing chicken, do not buy the nibbles!! They are too small, buy the whole wings instead and you must marinate them before you cook them, otherwise they end up being burnt to a cinder. I try telling my family the art of bbq but they don't listen, they just think they can burn any old thing. Grr.

Oh well. At least I had the baked  spuds from Woodside. Delicious.