Saturday, 26 December 2015

The first day of Christmas

Seasons Greetings!

I went to a Boxing Day sale and managed to find a weather vane with a rooster on top and solar light. I have put it in Dad's weather centre, all I need is a sun dial and it may be complete. There are now coloured lights on the verandah rail. I'm a big fan of solar lights.

At Kings, it was 25% of all plants and I found another wheki tree fern, this time a bigger size and that's going in the rocky bed behind the bathroom, to complement the chatham island forget me not and hen and chicken ferns. I've underplanted with spider plants. I put an owl there and some tree stumps. Mum threatened to dig it up, but I hope she doesn't. Tree ferns don't need pruning as they just grow straight up. I just need to remember to keep it well watered, but the gardening books and the tag said it could cope in all sorts of situations. I even read after a bush fire these whekis regenerate quickly. They are very hardy, just need to be shaded and sheltered.

Well everything is set for some summer entertaining and I will be having a bbq tomorrow, so please come along if you so inclined, starts at 6pm.

Bring food and salads and plants.

Or you could just bring a fruit salad plant.