Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Beds and Borders

I got the idea from a gardening book called 'Beds and Borders' to make a screen of sunflowers and nasturtiums for my summer border. So I've been taking down my sweet peas which have gone to seed and using them as mulch, and been sowing seeds of said plants amongst the mulch. These nasturtiums can also climb up the fence. I bought 2kg of sunflower seeds from the pet shop so I have plenty to scatter.

I have taken down the netting and now put it around the back border as I have a mass planting of renga renga lily on the bank now, which will also be a summer display. Some melons have started sprouting and it's possible there will be a pumpkin patch. I have also sown some cherry red nasturtiums here as well.

The only annoying thing is my hayfever which I have to run inside at various intervals to blow my nose.

We are having a dry spell and it has not rained for several days. The weather has been cloudy but still holding back on the rain. It annoys me when it's like this and can't make up it's mind.

I don't have anywhere to grow my gourds so maybe next working bee if the arch is put up at woodside I may grow them there.

I have put in my request to Santa Claus so I will see what the first day of Christmas will bring....