Friday, 11 December 2015

Training a rose in the way to go

I finally figured out a way to deal with the thorny carpet rose.  Whoever heard of carpets having thorns anyhow?? No matter what I do, they will keep growing back. So  I have trained them up one of those inverted obelisks, I bought two from Mitre 10 and now the thorny scramblers are growing up and won't bother all the other plants in the bed and take over. Hooray!

I will then have a rose tube/pillar thing that will be covered in roses and so anybody stepping in my bed will not be thorned.

We have now put up the arch at Woodside and have cleared a patch to grow gourds. It was not too hard after all, we harvested the swift potatoes, and, I have some more tomatoes to take home to plant. I plan to let them grow as a vine where the sweet peas were.

It did decide to rain yesterday which was welcome.
And actually the last post I meant  'Screens and Boundaries' as the book not 'Beds and Borders' which is also another gardening book I have. They are both by a chap called Richard Bird. They have both got great ideas for gardens.

I put in another Kaka Beak, or clianthus, this time a white heron one as all the red ones were sold out. I think they are pretty shrubs even without the flowers, as the leaves are pea like and glossy similar to Kowhai but more lush. It is now in the corner as it likes sheltered from wind and a sunny spot.

That is all for now, I think I can relax a bit and even sit outside on my deck chairs underneath the umbrella and have dinner as its much cooler outside than in, and I bought two cushions for my chairs as I don't like to sit on hard chairs with my skinny butt. Well, I don't wear a bustle like women did in the olden days.