Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Pukeko in a ponga tree

Well it's technically a wheki tree fern but I now have a nz christmas tree that isn't a pohutakawa.
I planted this little cutie in amongst the terrarium money trees on the shady side of the house. There was a little gap that was the perfect spot for it's graceful umbrella fronds so I put plenty of compost in and now I have another real kiwi corner of the garden.

Sorry no nikau palms, do you know how huge they can get???
I was contemplating that for a while as West Auckland is their natural habitat but..they really need a shady gully and I think they would be a bit out of place on our flat section. Even though I would really like at least two so I can hang a hammock.

Also good news or maybe annunciation - my christmas lilies have bloomed. Their white trumpets are practically announcing Christmas is here. It is the longest day and the summer solstice. Christmas Eve is tomorrow. I haven't hung any stockings up yet.

T'is the season.

Next door is putting up some kind of pergola. Their home improvement is coming along and soon I don't think I'll recognise the place. Maybe my prayers have been answered? I wonder if I can seed bomb their new garden bed with sunflowers...

Another idea I had was to buy one of those push mowers and just mow a garden path and leave the rest of the lawn to grow wild and flower as a meadow. This is because I don't really like noisy lawn mowers. When dad retires and can't mow the lawn anymore I will just abandon the lawn to the elements. I wonder if I will get in trouble with the council for letting the grass grow. I better not say too much as I applied for a city parks job as a gardener and they might think twice about employing me if I express my views.  But then again, they're the ones that abandoned mowing peoples 'berms' and then charged people a horrendous tax for growing anything bearing fruit on them. Which doesn't make sense as we already have olive trees growing on all the 'berms' in our street, that the council provided!

Ok, my cognitive dissonance is going into overdrive. I can just use another by-law to fight the other one they created, by saying lawn mowing is damaging people's hearing and that noise pollution is just as real a nuisance as grass verge or sorry, 'berm' neglect.