Sunday, 29 November 2015

New Ideas

Mum pruned the camellia bush and the coprosmas. They were getting too big and in the way. I didn't plant them though, so she can't blame me. So our driveway and side of the house is looking a bit shorn.

I'm thinking of putting lots of bromeliads there as they seem to do well. I can get a whole lot free from my brothers. Also the thing about bromeliads is they won't grow so high you have to keep pruning them.

I moved the convovulus mauritania to the back garden as it doesn't seem to be growing much in the rock garden. It's about the third time I've moved it so far. They say it's good for dry areas but..just doesn't seem to grow or trail like it should, or at least not in the pictures where it's meant to be this award winning plant.

I'm taking a leaf out of Lynda Hallinan's book and decide I ought to make a list of my top crops and my flop crops. Or rather, my best and worst plants.


Dusty Miller
doing really well in the flower bed
Has just spread and become a good sized bush big enough for the chickens to hide under
cheerfully gracing the edges
Sweet Alyssum
Keeps appearing and thriving
Curly Carex
these little tufts of grass just look cute
Helichrysum/Licorice plant
Thrives in the hanging basket
I love these chinese lanterns swinging in the breeze


Initially did well but kept wilting, after it was cut it didn't do well growing back. Meh.
Metrosideros 'Tahiti'
Didn't grow much at all, and then dried up.
Flower carpet Rose
Grew back. ack. Thorns.
Mexican Orange Blossom
Where are the blossoms??
Not much passion..
Some websites said they were indestructible, and good ground cover, but chickens demolished them too
Creeping Fig
Thought this would be a lovely plant to climb up the side of the shrivelled and died.