Friday, 6 November 2015

Spring celebration

I've got a lot to do today.
We are having a spring celebration down at Woodside on Saturday 28 November from 10-2 and I need to prepare some seedlings for guests to take away and plant.

I've got sunflower, beans, pumpkins and gourds to sow. Each pot will have a special label to remind gardeners to come garden with others down at the garden.

We are also planning a sausage sizzle, a treasure hunt/dig, an entertainer, iced herbal teas, music, and prizes.
I have to find some bee headbands for us to wear.

Also later we plan to have tai chi dance down at the gardens for a few weeks.

In my own garden everything's in bloom! I saw my first  red poppy spring up, and there's snow in summer flowering, sweet pea, chrysanthemum, calendula, masses of phacelia, the bees are having a ball.

I also decided to put some ginger lily down the back next to the loquat as there's heaps growing now at the front and I think it prefers shade. I need to get some mulch or pebbles so the chickens don't keep digging there..or some more wire.

It's a gorgeous day today but the only thing I really hate is this hay fever again. Privet is gone, but that doesn't stop the pollen from the grass. Ach.