Saturday, 31 October 2015

Growing Season

It's now November and it's all on.

Yesterday had a working bee at Woodside in which we planted out tomatoes, sweetcorn, and pumpkins. Later I will plant sunflowers and more pumpkins, and gourds.

We are having a meeting this week about our 5th year anniversary for Woodside in which we are going to have a fun day, sausage sizzle, competitions with prizes, treasure hunt etc. Also, I'm keen to go camping again. Karen said she went with her son last summer, just pitched a tent near the garden and I'm thinking hooray I want to do that two, so, that will be my summer holiday away from home.

I harvested my carrots and got a whole bucket full. Some were fat, some were thin, but I quite like baby carrots anyway so I'm happy. Now I've got two tubs of soil free that I'm not sure what to do with yet. I sowed morning glory in pots and near the fence so it can clamber over the trellis.

While Dad was mowing the lawns I noticed a suspiciously weedy looking plant had sprouted all over my garden beds I'd never seen before. It had yellow, tiny flowers. I pulled several out and then racked my brains and looked in my gardening books and realised they were evening primroses! I didn't pull them all out but they were highly suspect in that they seemed to have come up overnight. Just shot up, at first I hoped they were hollyhocks or delphiniums. No such joy. The flowers are yellow and aren't that great to look at, but then I've never smelled them in the evening so, jury is still out on the primroses.

I also rescued some spider plant clumps I'd dumped previously out the back of the house and arranged them in a basket where the potatoes are meant to be growing. One basket has sprouted but the other has been slow to leaf up. I'm thinking maybe obtain some more wicker baskets as I quite like the look of them. I also scattered some mustard seed and fennel that I found in the kitchen cupboard and hope they might sprout as some more green crop to cover the bare soil.

We harvested some of the spinach and had it for dinner last night, and I've picked another vase of sweet peas that are scenting the house. That's all for now.