Monday, 5 October 2015

Halcyon Days

Today the skies are blue and the flowers are in bloom. I think this may be one of those days when you can say spring has arrived and we are all going to the chapel.

The birds are singing, as I type, so Rachel Carson's dire prediction did not come true in my part of the world. They are as chirpy as ever.

My back neighbours have cleared the bamboo from their property so now light falls on the back garden where there was an impenetrable thicket before. Next door are redoing their porch/verandah and have stacks of wood piled up on their property. Dad painted the outdoor deck chair, we have two as one broke, and I bought an outdoor market umbrella from Briscoes for shade. I'm thinking of cushions for the deck chairs after Dad has completed painting the furniture.

Also, I am bidding on a sundial on trade-me. $1 reserve! I hope I win!! Then our weather station may be complete. The only thing that's missing is perhaps a rooster weather vane, but Mum bought a rooster (or a picture of one) at the flea market on Sunday. I have no idea where she will hang it as seems to be sitting on the floor for now. But Mary and Martha just ignored it as they traipsed on through the house stealing Mummy Cat's breakfast.

My special guest was my friend Ellen who cast her aesthetic eye as she educated me on the delights of eating Chinese Toon, and Chinese Pee Pah. (Loquat, for those who don't know). Also, bonus, I was the recipient of a pot of tomato seedlings she had grown herself. She asked me if she could eat a tangelo from my tree and I said you can taste the fruits of any of the trees in THIS garden. But she only took one.

I must warn you there IS a snake in my garden. It's hanging round the front fence. To avoid temptation, don't listen when it tells you that you can eat the flower carpet roses and thorns are a delicacy.

Also, we have some more new plants come to make themselves at home, this time, armerias or pinks, to replace the dandelion looking weeds, munstead lavender, a couple more swan plants and oh yes, I succumbed, the Poor Knight's Lily. I have several lilies already and this is a bit of a misnomer as its should be Rich Knight's Lily considering how much it cost, but, I could not pass it up as it is rare and may take years to bloom, but I've heard well worth it. Also, as it likes to be dry it can live in the rock garden and I won't need to water it much.

Well, I'm hearing the drone of lawnmowers which is the bane of daylight will close for now, and chase Mary and Martha back to their cage where they belong...think it's time for another wing-clip.