Friday, 2 October 2015

Covering new ground

My bamboo obelisk I made for the peas collapsed. It was sad.
So I decided I would buy one of those nice sturdy willow ones from Kings. It is now sited in the front garden. I think they look pretty good, even when not covered with foliage. There were also wired ones, but they looked like they would rust and break. Also, I think the peas prefer willow.

On the half price table I bought two more licorice plants, and put them in Snowy's Bed. Snowy's bed looks a bit bare now the lupins have been dug in and the bluebells have finished flowering. Also, the sweet alyssum didn't take, nor the spider plants, nor the love carnation, or the impatiens and whatever else I put there the chickens insisted on digging up. And horrors..looks like the flower carpet rose is sprouting again! I have GOT to get some ground cover there quick before they take over again.
Only thing is, I'm not allowed to plant ivy. But ivy is the best groundcover! At least it doesn't have prickles!

Another plant I found, at the Warehouse, was Japanese Iris. There were 11 of them growing in a clump. Since this plant is rarely in garden centres I snapped this one up quick. I put it near the sweet peas and swan plant where it's a bit damp, as it likes moisture.

Then I planted the manuka where the old box plant was. So now my back border is complete. I don't know what happened to the anemone bulbs I scattered, not one ever came up. Maybe chickens got them all??

Also, I've been scattering seed all over so the spring rains will water them in. Its a mixture of all sorts - soapwort, bishops flower, marigolds, calendula, perovoskia, organum, daisy, scabiosa, morning glory...who knows what may come up. I'm not sure I have the correct method of sowing flower seeds as, all that seemed to come up from seed where phacelia, lupins, night scented stock, borage, sweet peas and the sweet alyssum..I don't recall many poppies or wildflowers yet. Sometimes I think it's better just to buy seedlings and not rely on the lottery method. At least you know or have an idea of what you are getting.

But I imagine after the spring rains - and tonight we have lashings of it..there ought to at least be a few. Surprise me.