Sunday, 11 October 2015

Faith like potatoes

Went to water the potatoes at Woodside today, as I'm rostered on Monday. They are doing well. Still no arch yet, I think we ought to put it up next time and grow beans over it. There's a water tank there but I can't figure out how to get water from it as the tap seems to not have a spigot thing? So I just fetched water from the stream, with my watering can. We have two sheds, one is a container but last time I went there the combination didn't seem to work.

We have two different varieties of spuds, I forget what (I will add this in once I find out). It must be fun to be a certified potato inspector. Imagine if you let misshapen potatoes loose on everyone. It would be terrible for the chip industry, and we would have to all eat twisties instead.  I wonder what happens to those that aren't good enough to grow -  they all get mashed?

Then I snagged some roman chamomile for Snowy's Bed. It was growing in a tyre and freely volunteered offspring, so, I figured they would have more room to spread at my place. They seem to like being amongst strawberries.

Some new flowers I've observed popping up - Marigolds or calendula. Wallflowers. Statice. Hollyhocks, which I hope will grow tall. No delphiniums, larkspur or foxgloves that I can see.

Flops were - Poppies. Only one or two measly buds. Stock.
No shows - Honesty. Cosmos. Canterbury Bells. Sea Holly. Hyssop. Wildflower mix.

I think, its very disappointing to scatter seeds and there's hundreds in a packet (supposedly) and not one of them grows. Its far better value for money to grow from punnets. So I don't think I'm going to buy any more Kings Seeds. Especially after the echium incident. Also, I kinda get the impression that, a cottage garden look isn't fashionable anymore amongst garden gurus. But that's just too bad. I live in what could be a cottage as its hardly a mansion by any means. What else am I meant to do with this land, if I wanted a field, I would go to the park and play rugby or cricket, doesn't mean I have to at home.

Instead of placing my faith in wildflowers that don't make an appearance, I'm gonna put them in the potatoes at Woodside.