Monday, 19 October 2015

Thyme out

My sweet peas are outgrowing the fence! I put some by the obelisk that were growing in a pot but I think the transplantation didn't take and they are dying from shock. It was a bit late for them, they were root bound.

I managed to snag some thyme from the Pak n'Save clearance trolley for $1 so Mt Asher has some more ground cover after I moved the native one that was drying out to Snowy's bed. I stashed a few more in the rock garden. Thyme seems to do well there.

Next item on the agenda is to catch up on some more reading since I've been going to the market and picking up more retired gardening books. I've got 'Creating Beds and Borders', 'Creating Hedges and Screens' as well as 'NZ Native Plants for your Garden' and other titles with enticing pictures.

We have had some windy days still and it's not quite skirts and shorts weather, although Labour Day is not far off. It's only next week and is the traditional time to get all one's tomahtos in. Ha. I got them in early.

Also, I have $10 reward at Palmers so not sure what I will spend it on next time I go. I need to use it within three months or it will expire.


I'm thinking of revamping the mangers on the fence and putting more geraniums in, the round leaf or scented ones, as the alyssum is drying out and even the rosemary is dessicating. Every gardener knows geraniums are de rigeur for window boxes. I heard the scented geranium was voted favourite plant by one gardening magazine. Although another vote found that tomatoes were the most popular vegetable to grow. It would be interesting to conduct a poll on what is most commonly grown in NZ gardens. From looking round the neighbourhood, it seems cabbage tree is king. Which is good or bad depending on your taste for inedible cabbages. Yea, I have nooo idea why they call them cabbage trees. One things for sure, everyone hates brussels sprouts.