Tuesday, 6 October 2015

I say tomahto

I had nowhere to put my tomatoes until I realised I could move the potatoes together in a straw basket, and use some terracotta pots I had around..so now I've planted them up with tomato mix, a bit of catfood (apparently, the best fertiliser) and mulching with hay on top.
The potatoes don't have leaves yet but they are sprouting and I can expect maybe a rosemary infused flavour as I put rosemary clippings in with the hay.

Then I netted the poppy bed all over to stop the chickens digging, securely this time, as, I can't be bothered chasing the chickens back to the backyard and it's mum's job to clip their wings.

Our sugar maple now has a bird feeder of wild bird seed, and I almost got some more solar lights but am reining myself in for now, very tempted to get christmas ones now they in the shops. I was looking for more snow-in-summer, and dusty miller, for Snowy's bed, but Bunnings did not have any. Snow-in-summer, do you have the botanical name? I don't what that is, replied the shop assistant. OMG. You work at a garden centre and expect your customers to know the LATIN name?? I almost replied. She looked posh, possibly British. Brits are like that, immensely annoying.

I'm sorry. But if you not native to NZ, don't expect us dumb kiwis to know what Carl Linneus named all the plants  at a run of the mill garden centre that also sells toolboxes and lumber. Next thing you know, the trade guys will be asking me what a two by four is in latin. Oh, pinus radiata?

For the record, it's 'Cerastium.' I knew that. But that's not what I call that plant, and it's not even what's on the label.

Oh, tomato, I don't know what that is. Do you have the latin name?
(No, I don't.)


I don't know, do some people just call them love apples? Cos I don't know what the hell tomatoes are.
Excuse me while I throw some rotten ones at the shop assistants at Bunnings.