Sunday, 4 October 2015

Wisteria Lane

The wisteria is in bloom and showing off her purple glory. I took photos.
Also, I saw an iceland poppy in bloom, white, and was going to take a photo but found the chickens had stomped all over the bed and destroyed it. Maybe it was too tall.

Yesterday, dug in the licorice plant again as was coming out of the shallow soil. I also removed a flower carpet rose as was coming up again and moved a Japanese anemone on top of its former location, dousing the flower carpet rose root with neat prickle eliminator - I've not taking any chances!

As snow-in-summer seems to be doing well I think I may obtain some more to cover the bed.
Of course, Snowy's bed has to have a snowy theme.

So I've got
White japanese anemones
White cyclamen
Snowball tree

Well, looks like today I will sow a few more peas as still got some in my packet under the obelisk, maybe check out Palmer's Planet again- there's new shopping centre opened up at North Westgate, each time I've tried to go there traffic has been terrible and roads have been blocked but it may be quieter this Monday.

Also, I have to get my garden in good shape as I have requests from visitors to come see it. And if you reading this blog and wonder who that could be, yes, I'm talking about you. :-)