Thursday, 1 October 2015

Red October

Its the first of the month...daylight saving has started, Labour day is not far off, and then November will be the height of the gardening season. But I plan to get all my plants in before the sun starts scorching and it's too hot to do anything.

Mitre 10 had a gardening evening with specials on so I did buy a few seedlings, found heliotrope which is a vanilla scented perennial so was glad of that and put that in next to the peas, 'snow in summer' which I put in Snowy's bed (of course) good ground cover, underneath the snowball tree/bush and strawberries. I thought why not they would make a good ground cover and enjoy the sun up by the letterbox where I've found it hard to grow anything much. And they will spread, plus, will have fruit as well. So I bought a six-pack. It beats beer.

Then I found another swan plant as I only had one that Joanne gave me, saw a butterfly landing on it today, so I put another one in, near the sweet peas.

I am not sure where to put the extra manuka and thinking about giving it to the neighbours if they are going to plant any more trees on the border of their property.

I have been consulting my gardening books on geranium it seems there's all different kinds, I seem to have at least four. I planted out another one to Snowy's bed as they seem to like it dry. This one has a cute red ring on the leaf and I think it's called Ringo. Sounds like a Beatle.

Of course, Mum saw me planting as had to get them in before night closed in, (don't know why Mitre 10 has gardening evenings as, can't really see the plants when it gets dark) and said 'I thought I told you not to buy anymore plants' but I just said 'It's my money'. And it is.. and also, she's not my boss and can't tell me what to do anymore.

Dad also seemed to get angry and threaten letting the chickens loose in my garden but he took that back. I just can't be bothered anymore with negative people. Even if they parents. Do I tell them what to do? Do I constantly say to other people what to spend or not to spend their money on...even when Mum bought this cake tray thing she never uses that cost $40?? Or my brother spends thousands of dollars on a king sized bed he never sleeps in? Or my Dad buys vinyl records which he has been buying for years and threatens to take over the house and there are boxes in the hallway and an entire spare room is taken over with records and CDs so that you can hardly even walk?????

Give me a break!