Friday, 27 November 2015

Birds, Bees and Barbecue

We had a lovely spring celebration. I'm still eating all those sausages.
Magic Maize the magician was fantastic. Good show, as was Bunny the storytelling librarian.
Karyn made Rhubarb iced tea, and we had a bring and swap seedling table, digging for treasure, and the neighbourhood turned out for some impressive gardening tips and tricks.

Tip - no need to water potatoes until they flower now, then water.
Tip - carpet is good mulch.
Tip - moneymaker tomatoes are best.
Tip- invite your local MPs to your garden parties

So its been 5 years at Woodside..I wasn't there when it started but it has come a long way from being a bare 25m plot. The fennel is flourishing and the comfrey is flowering along with borage, calendula, nasturtium and other herbs. And...peas are now a success where they had no shows before. Trick - sow them as seedlings not direct, or they will get eaten by slugs and birds.

In other news my garden is coming along and the sweet peas are setting seed now. I see fresh spring growth everywhere, the apple tree, the hydrangeas, the tea leaf tree, the jacaranda, the frangipani. I had evening primrose blooming. Love carnation and love chrysanthemums. Whangarei hibiscus. The abutilons are nodding in agreement. Statice has blooms. And red clover is poking through.

I love it.

We have duck visitors, a mummy duck and a daddy duck. Mary has taken to laying her eggs underneath the motherwort plant. Martha prefers the money tree as her secret hiding place. My lined hanging baskets with plastic bags trick appears to be working. And there's a new venus fly trap on the window sill. In Snowy's bed, I have snuck in three baby's breath gypsophilias.

Next door have copied us and put in solar lights by their new wooden deck that change colour. Sparky sits as sentinel, like a sphinx guarding the entrance. He is the same colour as the deck.

Christmas is just around the corner..this weekend has been the beginning of Santa parades. One of my neighbours has put up their christmas decorations and lights already. It doesn't matter, our feijoas are already in bloom with their pohutakawa like blossoms. So we don't need fake pine trees and tinsel. I think this year I'm just going to hang up socks on my tree. I mean they COULD go on the washing line, but to celebrate Silly Season, they look better on a tree.