Friday, 13 November 2015

Busy Bee

Boy its starting to get hot!
Working Bee today, I managed to replant my choko in the corner and hopefully it will spread and give us lots of chokos. Nicole put more lettuces in and I'm going to sow more pumpkins. I took my gourd seeds over but the arch is still not up..and they need support.
The iceplant I planted as a cutting has become a mass of pink flower. I don't have much luck with it here but I'm going to try again by taking more cuttings.

I was watching Kew Gardens BBC series the other night and they have a wintergarden too that is like the Auckland Domains, and they too have a giant stinky arum. Over 150 gardeners work there and they put on Go Wild festivals and other such events, there are arborists, herbalists, designers, carpenters, greenhouse managers, nurserymen and women, horticulturalists like Alan Titchmarsh is an alumni (and presents the show).

Maybe I could wangle a working holiday job at the Kew? What could I be, head flowergirl or something?

I once tried applying as an apprentice for Auckland Council working at the Domain but heard nothing (as per usual). I expect they wanted someone who can drive a truck at least, and be out in all weathers. So much for being a working girl. Handmaidens unite, we would at least would like some corn to eat while we are busy treading it out. What do you think we live on, air?

I don't know. I sometimes think its ironic that women are the ones who do all the work, but we are the ones that don't see a cent (or corncob). And then people who don't come to volunteer at all in the garden, steal our leeks and garlic and trample on our corn. The cheek!

So we were busy putting back all the plants someone had pulled out in a fit of rage just for the hell of it. Note to garden time, please pull out the WEEDS instead of the crops.