Thursday, 12 November 2015


Yes there is such a plant and I found the yellow weedy flowery thing wasn't Evening Primrose at all but a weed called Nipplewort that has taken over my garden. I pulled them all out today.
It is called Nipplewort because the flower buds look like nipples!

I don't think its good for anything, and it does exude a milky sap and is a bit hairy. How did they get there? I don't remember seeing them before, and I'm sure I didn't deliberately sow a whole lot of weeds. I am going to blame Kings Seeds for this one. It must have been one of those random seeds in one of those wildflower mixes. Remember when they said their echium wasn't a weed? Wrongo.

Anyway, I'm not going to listen to these so called expert gardeners anymore. What do they know, they are only seed merchants. One time, we went on a field trip to King Seeds in Katikati. I was expecting to see all different kinds of plants growing from the seeds there to trial them, but it was just a big warehouse with buckets of seeds ready to be put into packets that they got from somewhere else. I was disappointed.

Apparently they used to be in Avondale but moved to Katikati for some reason, when they were in Avondale they would grow the plants from seed so you could see what you were getting. They had herbs and flowers.

I have planted out some parsley and spring onions in the mangers and moved the sweet alyssum and some sweet peas to the flowerbeds.  I have also potted up the rest of the capsicums as Joanne gave me some buckets.

Working bee tomorrow..Jacqui is calling another meeting as we need to get this spring celebration underway! 'Tis the season....