Saturday, 7 November 2015

I want to be 'Royal'

So goes the song. Prince Charles and Camilla are visiting New Zealand. I heard they were down in Dunedin and were in Nelson, wonder if they coming up to Auckland?

If so, will he come to Henderson? I need to ask him something. Would he mind visiting our community garden, which, by the way, is organic? I'm sure he would know a thing or two about companion plants. But..I am chagrinned because I missed out on a sundial AGAIN. It was on trade-me, the reserve was $50. I was going to bid but then completely forgot. I ended up spending that amount or thereabouts anyway on plants for our church as we got four neglected hanging baskets. So I put in strawberries, petunias and we had marigolds. (Thanks Joanne for your help!)

I really like Prince Charles' sundial garden such a clever idea. Even though he didn't need to buy the sundial himself he got given it. Apparently he is always been given gifts so much so that one part of his garden is dedicated to a wall of all the things people have given him, like sculptures and such.

I thought, huh funny thing to have a sundial in an English garden. You'd think he'd be given a rain gauge instead. Which, by the way, we have already as our garden doubles as Henderson's weather centre. But I'm really not sure Dad has all the proper meteorological equipment, for example, there is no weathervane, nor sun dial, nor stonehenge. He's just got a rain gauge and temperature box, which records the maximum, the minimum, and the humidity at 9 o'clock each day.

Well, if any of his valets and butlers and footmen or Camilla's ladies in waiting are reading this, maybe they could do a secret detour after a day of shaking hands and smiling and come round my way. Because I'm sorry I missed Prince Harry last time he visited.