Friday, 1 January 2016

The eighth day of Christmas

Happy New Year! 20 sweet 16!

Well, as predicted, the weather turned to rain and camping holidays all over the country are washed out. But that's ok, because I get a break from watering my garden!

I have now some mini tree ferns to plant, I think they may turn out to be giant mamakus but can't be too sure. So am pondering where to place them. Maybe Sock's bed.

I also am looking for a macrame hanging basket holder that hangs the pot at eye level so I don't have to reach too high to water my plant. I plant to put a trailing plant in there, I was given lots of succulents and so that may be my next task.

My Poor Knights Lily got wet feet and didn't like it so she started turning red and spotty, and the leaves fell off, so that there is really only one shoot left. I had repotted her and moved her to the terrace under the eaves of the house but not sure if she will grow back. And she was expensive too. Sigh.

But the regal lilies are doing fine and their trumpet blossoms are spectacular. One of them has seven blooms and smells divine. A real triumph. I would definitely recommend this plant. They like a shady corner or to grow through other plants, and as they are bulbs not too damp, they come up really well and reliably bloom just before Christmas Day. I have got a book called 'Know your Lilies' so will get round to reading that one day.

And good news my wish came true and I was given a fruit salad plant, which is now down by the chicken's house. I hope the cutting will take, I just love the leaves.

Have been watching the rest of the National Trust Garden documentary, and the last episode was of Hidcote Manor garden, which is the quintessential English country garden, although it was really planted by an American. They are very into topiary and I think maybe I could do some on my box hedges but not sure what shape, they had birds at Hidcote that got rather plump as they kept growing...

When you start gardening I find that one day you find yourself naked without a pair of secateurs as you have suddenly turned into Edward Scissorhands and become this eccentric recluse who can't stop taking cuttings and shearing plants. If only we had the power to make it snow. If I had more box or yew, I think I would shape them into leafmen, since we don't have snow in Auckland to make snowmen.