Saturday, 16 January 2016

Forgot the hammock

I was looking for a shoe rack instead. But no luck. The Warehouse seems really expensive now as they've gone back to regular prices.
It was getting hot and I was tired and I really needed to get those ferns in the ground. I went to Kings and bought container mix and seaweed and moss magic mulch.

The fern babies are now in the ground, or actually on top of the ground as I just dumped the magic mulch in first and laid container mix on top. It's too hot to dig and there's no point.

Mum walked past and said what are you doing?? Like I was committing a crime.

Keeping New Zealand Beautiful?

She muttered away to herself but I didn't hear her muttering. It's a pity she can speak English for if she didn't I wouldn't be able to understand anything and then can easily ignore her.

Next door must grow something! We need shade. I think they ought to grow Nikau Palms along the boundary. That would be cool. Then they could also swing a hammock. Sparky the cat could sit in it.
I must somehow hint to them that they would be keeping New Zealand Beautiful if they planted some native trees.

Where's Xanthe White* when you need her?

*NZ landscape gardener with extraordinary flair for designing homegrown gardens and a cool name.