Sunday, 17 January 2016

I will survive

My garden must survive for two whole weeks while I'm away.

Sorry rambling garden, I must love you and leave you while heading to Australia to check out their hellfire pit and congratulate myself for being born in a green and pleasant Auckland.

When I return, after a few days at sea, I will be checking out Siberia, I mean, Dunedin, for its Chinese Garden, and even may make a motor car detour into to Hamilton for their Garden Art Festival. My further forays into botany include so far identifying succulents, watching four episodes of Te Radar's Patch, reading the past five years worth of January issues of NZ Gardener, watching Gardening Top Tips - tip - use a string for a straight row and always soak a plant in water before planting out...and searching for that elusive hammock. Mitre 10 has promise, but one needs a special nut and bolt and a handy man to secure each end.

My garden books are going to be left on the shelf while I'm away.

This is my pile to read -

The Gardenist
Mind Your Peas and Cucumbers
The Renovated Transitional Bungalow Garden
Cacti and Succulents
Know your Lillies
Pressed Flowers
A Vision of Eden
What I learned From God While Gardening
A years worth of Weekend Gardener Magazines
Care-Free Plants
Good Ideas for Your Garden
Gardening For Pleasure
Scratching For a Living

Look after yourselves, plants!