Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Weed identification

Well I found out that the blue daisy plant that is growing like a weed in the backyard is called chicory. And that if I dig it up and roast the roots and then drink the tea, it will be good for my inner health. So I am going to try that.

I was a bit concerned I had these beautiful blue flowers but as someone who shall remain nameless pointed out, isn't that a weed? And I was insulted. Well all plants that grow in Auckland are considered weeds, I argued. Of course it must have been in the packet of wildflower seeds and the only one that really sprouted because I sure don't recall planting that one especially.

It will be sad to remove it as it's one of the prettiest weeds I've ever grown. Nipplewort can't hold a candle to it, even though I mistook it for evening primrose.

Apparently you can eat the leaves in salad but they will taste very bitter. I'm not a fan of salad greens unless it's coleslaw. I don't do rabbit food. If you give a chinese person salad, they'll put it in a wok and stir fry it. We as a people don't really do the whole raw food thing.

In other news, friend went to Kings to buy some plants for her garden and she snagged a voucher for me, if I buy $50 worth from there I get $10 off. So...since I haven't been to Kings in over a week I'm sure there will be some new interesting plants I hadn't seen before.

If not I can always buy compost or stock up on sheep pellets or maybe another fern. There will need to be a plant to go where the chicory is growing as it grew quite tall and when I harvest it there will be a big gap and a decent sized ready made hole.