Thursday, 7 January 2016

More weeds?

Yesterday I dropped into Kings and bought another willow obelisk, some aquatics seaweed liquid fertiliser and a lychnis or rose campion plant.

I have another morning glory to climb up the obelisk, the ones near the arch have got flowers already and making their way up. I gave my garden a  good dose of liquid fertiliser and decided I'm going to use this instead of Thrive because I want to go organic plus its good for the earthworms and beneficial fungi. I put short hose fittings on my taps so that I don't have to lift my water can up to the tap each time I want to fill it up.

The rose campion has gone near the front of the back border, and I've put my chili peppers in pots there to take advantage of the sun, now that the chicory has gone. There was a root but not sure if I will roast it as I don't know if the result will justify 8 hours in the oven.

And now the rain has come down - hooray. Walking around my garden there's still some things to do, I notice the coprosmas which I didn't plant and often need pruning aren't looking so great and the colours are clashing with our red brick house. One is yellow with splotchy variegated foliage and the other seems to can't make up its mind to be be green or cream colours. The yellow one especially I notice has got buds but it attracts flies! And I don't think they are the beneficial kind, they look like ordinary house flies to me. It doesn't smell that I notice, but I don't like it. They buzz around the bush and it's not really a good look. So I am thinking of cutting it down and removing it all together, both of them and planting something else more pleasing to the eyes and senses - and plants that don't attract flies!

I googled it and found that coprosma is considered a weed in Australia. Great. More weeds! So my visitor was right, my garden is full of weeds. And I thought they were ordinary plants. Even though this one is native.

Well, nothing for it, It will have to come out. I think mum may be pleased for once that I'm doing something like removing plants. She thinks we have far too many already. I lost the battle with the flower carpet roses and let them live, but I caged them so they can't scratch anybody.

What to plant there instead? Well there's all sorts of possibilities, more ferns, perhaps. New guinea impatiens. Another fruit salad plant??? Something permanent.  I was tempted to buy a banana plant and have it in the back but it may be killed by frost and I don't want to risk it.  Plus we don't have any monkeys that can gather the bananas for us.