Thursday, 18 June 2015

Vitamin C

I can't grow Vitamin D but I can grow Vitamin C with blackcurrants.
While I am growing the blackcurrants I suppose I get my daily ration of Vitamin D by just being outside. There were two choices, 'Magnus' or 'Sefton' also known as Blackcurrant Jazz. I chose the jazzier plant, as it is said to be sweeter and less tart. So now I have a bush with no leaves planted near the chickens house, on the shady side of the garden by the fence. I will need to mulch it later to keep down any weeds.

Well, I think that's there are no more plants to plant as it is nearing the longest day. Winter will soon be upon us. I thought about asking the council for a new tree for our verge but I don't think they will respond, since the old tree is long gone. If we plant another one there it might be hit by a car as well. Instead I emailed them asking them to send my neighbours instructions on getting rid of their privet tree. Too bad a car can't crash into that one. It is not their fault, that tree was not planted by them. But as it is on their property they are the ones responsible for cutting it down, and I don't think the council will give them any incentive to pay for the cost of a removal. A tree is not so easy to remove if it's been growing there for years.

I thought if I had a choice, or the council gave me money to buy a new trees, one for my neighbour and one for me, I would pick any of these:

My top choice would be:


and any of the following - Kowhai, Chinese Toon, Fragrant Snowball Tree, Lime, Bay, Ponga Tree Fern, Nikau Palm, Jacaranda.

My neighbours have a feijoa, a citrus, a cabbage tree, a camellia, a tree that looks like a bottle brush, and the privet. That is all.

My other neighbours on the other side have cabbage trees, bamboo, pittosporum, a pine, a bougainvillea, manuka, and some other trees I haven't identified yet.

I have had some neighbours have tree envy before saying they wanted our tangelos, and some people walking past on valentines day wanted to cut our roses. Mum is very tight about people wanting something for nothing, or even if they offer money, she won't give it to them. I think she would rather let them rot and die before giving to someone just cos they asked. But I have secretly given away a bucket of feijoas to my friend down the road.