Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Ice-skating chickens

It's so cold the chickens stayed inside the house and when we let them out they ice skated down the deck. The frost has arrived. I am typing this and my fingers feel numb. I quickly looked outside, it looks like my frangipani has survived although it is losing its leaves, and hopefully my chinese lanterns and gardenias have survived as well, as watered the gardenias yesterday with vinegar solution, I think it's working...the leaves are coming out greener.

Well, now I have an extra hanging basket to fill, as I took out the convolvulus to put in the gravel bed..it is a ground cover after all, and the coriander that was growing with it I put in the corner bed.
Maybe I will put strawberries in it.

I was considering going on holiday over winter to relax...a spa retreat sounds like my idea of heaven. I did go up to Waiwera for the day last week and it was very relaxing. Then my sister emailed me (she lives in London) to tell me she and her flatmate are going to Vienna. Just for the weekend. I'm like, oh. So I emailed her back to say I'm going to Fiji.

Well, it's true, Fiji would be nice this time of year..after the school hols. But that means I have to wait till August. And I can only go on my own...and pay extra just cos I haven't found anyone gullible enough to be my companion. My sister emailed me back 'when? and who with?' I just replied 'my bf. August'.

If she asks if it's a BOY friend (I was meaning 'best friend') I will just say..yes, we decided we would have a practise honeymoon, you know, do all that pre-marital stuff beforehand, so there won't be any surprises. Mum then said..'then your sister won't trust you, you liar' but...well, she lied first. I'm sure her flatmate is more than just a flatmate. He once tried to stay in my bedroom with my sister on my queen bed. I was like no. That's a girls room. You can stay in the spare room.

I think he finds me annoying.
Anyway, what this has to do with gardening I'm not sure..but, as it's so cold I can't do anything..oh..take photos...and watch gardening DVDs. I've got 'Around the World in 80 Gardens' (take, that, Phileas Fogg!) and 'Gardening with Soul'. The latter is about a catholic nun who loves compost. The catholic faith looks more interesting now. I used to think it was just boring, but ...weren't the first serious gardens in monasteries? Anyway...it is not likely I'll convert, as I'm already born-again Christian...but..sometimes the catholics do have the right idea.

Before anyone judges me for lying to my sister...well, then it looks like I will have to go to Fiji and eat my words.