Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Swing low, sweet chariot

I've decided I really like those porch swing seats with an awning although they cost a bit of money that would be nice on my deck. There's one up for bidding on trademe but I'm a bit cautious of buying furniture online...if it's a seat, I'd like to test it out first.

Today it's a bit wet so I won't be doing much. There's a free orchard workshop coming up this sunday and I'm wondering if should go along and find out any tips on fruit trees. For our community garden. But I do have this book on how to make a forest garden which involves more than just orchard trees.
I also have a book on magnolias and one on Ayrlies to read, plus old copies of Consumer Home and Garden magazine from 1997 (!) I found at the book exchange.

One of my balloon flowers leaves are turning yellow. It may be suffering from the cold. I hope it turns out alright, the other one seems fine. I planted more freesias, called 'Purple Rain' underneath Cleopatra magnolia.

One of my sunflowers has become casualty to marauding chickens. Mum had let them run free also the other day and they nearly scratched out my tulips. I put logs and branches to cover them.
I have two free large pots now that I can use for something, and an empty hanging basket.
I bought seed raising mix and even though its midwinter have got a polystyrene tub that can use to raise seedlings in, ready for spring on my potting table. I will cover them with glass and then transplant in warmer weather.

So, there's always things to do.
Hopefully by summer when all the things are growing luxuriantly I can then relax in my swing seat/hammock on my sunny deck sipping iced tea and fall asleep underneath back issues of NZ Gardener.