Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Queen of the Nile

I'm excited as I've ordered a magnolia soulangea 'Cleopatra' from Kings and they are coming round to deliver it with some bark mulch. I am getting my digger (Dad) to help me plant it.
Dad said we may have to plant her inside the property as, he thinks the tree may get stolen or someone may crash into it again. (like last time). Poor olive, never really stood a chance.

I know, I may get in deep trouble with my mum, but she can't unplant a magnolia. Besides, it is in memory of my good friend Iraena Asher. The tree reminds me of her. I was not thinking of her when I bought it, but last night, God reminded me..that I really did need this. I suppose, while I'm here on earth...and she's not..I miss her sunny smile and just having a good friend like her to have fun with. I now have other friends but...she was special.

Of course, she had supermodel stature and this is what Magnolias have in the plant world. You can't help but stare. The flowers are large, a deep purply red colour, and fragrant. What more could you ask for? I asked the Kings Plant Barn man for tips on how to plant them and he said, make a mound for good drainage and put plenty of mulch around. The magnolia grove people recommended some other varieties, one called 'Cascade Salmon' and another called 'Hot flash' but, they are not available at Kings and...I don't fancy a magnolia named 'Hot Flash'. Sorry.

Aren't plant names funny? I saw some hebes named 'Audrey Hepburn' which looked nothing like Audrey Hepburn. I was thinking she'd be more of a leggy chinese lantern type plant than a bushy hebe. There are roses named after people, I remember Vivien Leigh, the actress who played Scarlett O'Hara in Gone with the Wind, had a rose named after her, she said, it was no good, it hung it's head. Poor Vivien. But, Scarlett O' Hara  had a bougainvillea named after her. I've also seen a coprosma with that name sake. I don't have a bougainvillea because there is no pergola to grow it on plus it has thorns. I just appreciate it growing on other people's houses not mine! It is a gorgeous showy colour.

There is no plant called Selina.
I told my friend Melissa she has a lemon balm named after her. Melissa Officialanus. Her name means 'bee'. How sweet.
I also had a workmate named Dahlia. And an aunties named Rose and Lily. Of course no boys are named after flowers. It's like ships. They're all female.