Friday, 26 June 2015

Steel Magnolia

Magnolia is planted. Dad helped me plant and took a photo afterward, in the front yard.  I also gave the Kings Plant Barn man who delivered it a tour of my garden, he too was impressed with the buxus hedges, while I asked him on tips for my yellowing gardenias. Epsoms salts he says, or Sequestron. I will continue the vinegar treatment, and added bark mulch, which I hope, because it's from pine trees, will acidify the soil.

I have now put up a hessian sack windbreak for my hibiscus, to shelter her from frosts.

It was working bee down at Woodside today, and to my disappointment the buckwheat had not germinated at all. Must be too cold. But the broad beans are doing really well. We tidied up the shed and I have a list of things we need

measuring tape
garden arch

We are planning our future crops:

I am going to read a book on how to make a food forest for our fruit orchard beside the vege plots. We need treescape to mulch the ground for us so we can plant in it. Otherwise, the lawnmower man is just going to run over our fruit trees. Jacqui says she has banana palms that can be planted in a bunch, but it might just be a tad cold for them.

I return home, mum is mad I planted the magnolia. I told you not to buy any more plants. She says I'm crazy. Well...

I quickly moved out of earshot. Wait till spring.