Friday, 12 June 2015

Musical Plants

I'm playing musical chairs with my plants. This involves a lot of moving and when the wind and rain stop, I shift the plants to a better spot.

Today I moved the tea bush to the border where the box shrub was, as the tea bush was getting too much sun. Its leaves were getting fried by the north facing wooden fence. Also, it was not a  climber or vertical like I thought it was so what was it doing right next to the fence? In it's vacant place I put in the hibiscus, because it gets full sun. Also, the hibiscus did not look right in the pot and it had quite vertical branches, which would look good pressed right against the fence. I just hope no frost gets there.

I also moved the blackberry bush to be near the chain link fence as that can be a trellis for it. In the spot vacated by the blackberry I have put some grapevine cuttings. I snipped off two branches from where it was growing in a most unsuitable location in the gravel garden so it can make new plants from cuttings, and grow where it's meant to grow!

Now there's an empty pot vacated by the hibiscus, and I have not thought what to put there, but I plan to do some more musical plants tomorrow by shifting one of the gardenias to down the back by the abutilon, to be near the other gardenia which seems happy in sheltered full sun down there. Where it is at present is not so good and it looks like it's short on minerals as the leaves are yellowish.

I will need to buy some peaty compost also to feed and mulch it when I replant it. I plan to shift the metrosideros  Tahiti plant to wear the ground-covering gardenia is, as its in a pot at the moment but it does not really need to be in a pot. It can tolerate dry conditions which it will surely be where the gardenia is now.

So that is my plan. No new plants, but plants in better locations. Then I will have two empty pots that I can do something with...I could put the topiary box plants inside them...?

I saw a pink abutilon I was tempted to buy as think it's a pity to have just one when it's such a pretty plant. If I am going to find that snowball tree, I want the right one, not just any viburnum..but the most fragrant. Or perhaps, I can put another manuka, shifting it from next to the kowhai to the front Snowy's bed as then, I will have two, I think they have white flowers..and they are vertical and can tolerate some wind.

I saw in Kings they are now selling fruit trees, but I think we have plenty and don't need any more, but if I could have another  I would choose a plum tree as they are nice and juicy.