Thursday, 25 June 2015

Brr..cold mould..

Not as cold as it was two days ago...but I checked my hibiscus yesterday and the poor thing looked miserable. She needs a warm blankie and perhaps, even better, a trip to Fiji.
I scoured the garage looking for some covering but couldn't find any hessian sacks or similar. Maybe an old towel might do? There's some kind of fleece I could put as mulch around her roots...

My issue of Get Growing sang the praises of rosemary. We already have a big rosemary bush outside our back door, and two prostrate ones hanging in baskets over the terrace fence..but I thought, why isn't the big rosemary bush on the SUNNY side of the house? Perhaps if I swapped the gardenia for the rosemary they would be happier. But, the gardenia is long established as is the rosemary.

Anyway, I won't think about that now. I'm still waiting on my magnolia. I don't know why they insisted she wouldn't fit in my fun cargo. Could be planted by now. You gives them money..and then they don't deliver. They are just up the road, surely it's not out of their way or so busy they can't make it one kilometre.

Get Growing also talked about cloches and glass houses. Glass houses sound like a lot of work. I do have some spare panes of glass out the back but nothing to support them, so..they just sitting there. Also, it used to be that some houses had conservatories attached, my next door neighbours have one, don't know if they using it to grow plants. They were all the rage in Victorian times, and in the eighties I suspect, but now you hardly see them. My grand uncle in Canada had one, to grow his bonsai in.

As our house has two a decking, and the other a concrete terrace, either of them could have been covered over and made into a conservatory but they aren't. Actually my Aunty does have one attached to her house but its got no plants I think it's now become her sewing room and also junk depository.

That's my problem, I need a space, like a studio or writer's retreat. In the garden. I was hoping to check out these shepherds huts I found in NZ house and Garden magazine. They look very cute.
Here is the link Shepherd Hut
Aren't they gorgeous? But again, mum said no.