Monday, 8 June 2015

Putting garlic to bed

I have tucked in my garlic bulbs in one of the rose beds, after laying some wet newspaper (it will rot, hopefully) to suppress any weeds. I poured in a bucket full of sheep pellets, and then put the rest of the container mix on top. Then I put in one bulb of garlic cloves grown from the community garden. I had two bulbs left, one for eating, one for growing. I had two rows, so should yield a dozen bulbs if everything goes to plan! I put them near the centre so they would get the most sun. Then it rained a bit, thankfully, I placed leaf and hay mulch on top, and then covered it with netting.

I think with the raised beds the garlic will be a bit warmer so they will grow faster. All the garden gurus say to plant on the shortest day and they will be ready by the longest. I'm a bit early, but I couldn't wait any longer. Best to be a bit early than too late. They also said to put in plenty of 'muck' so I did not skimp on the sheep pellets. I think they would be more effective if ground into a powder but I'm hoping they will biodegrade into the compost and soil.

I also tided up my potting area. Mum had pushed my old bbq table I found on the side of the road to the fence but I had difficulty accessing it so put it back to its' old place next to the gate. She said the chickens might fly over to the reserve, if they jump on it. Hmm. Well, I think they've learned to stay put now. The potting bench is rotting, but it still holds up even though the slats are coming loose, so I just placed boards on top. I have hooks for my trowel, dustpan, bucket, seed trays, and extra pots. I put the seed raising mix what is left underneath. I had solar lights in pots but I don't think they work anymore so I may have to buy new ones.

Also the corner I have tidied up and put more bromeliads, tillandsia and succulents that have pupped into pots. I have one aerial rooted orchid garnishing the chain link fence along with the epiphytic fern. I've put some cuttings of daisies into the water pots so they can take root. Now the bare patch of soil next to it where my potting table was seems crying out for some plants. What to put? More hen and chicken ferns? Hellebores? Violets?

Daphne now has some friends. She has the succulent that has no name (looks like a spotty corkscrew) two bromeliads on a mossy log, and red and white striped impatiens for company.
By the doorstep stand two lollipop shaped boxes now in pots. I'm planning on making them into heartshapes when they grow a bit bushier.

Sleeping Beauty now needs some shut eye, it will be a long wait till harvest time..and the Prince is likely on first kiss to say upon whiffing the garlic..I think you need some mints. Sleeping Beauty yawns, stretches,  and says there's some down the back in a pot.