Monday, 3 April 2017

Back to (Mt) Eden

The time is now 6:48am and I'm debating whether to leave now before the traffic to get to Mt Eden by 8:30am or wing it and wait till 7:30 and sit in an rush hour traffic.

I am called to garden somewhere off Dominion Road so not to far from my grandparents old place and thinking maybe I should leave now? Buy my lunch from a bakery and sit and read my book before I start.

Such is the logistics of Auckland traffic that it's such a mission even getting started to go to work.
I wonder what gardening surprises await me there today. It's looking cloudy and may rain so I've got my wet weather gear, secateurs, even a handy belt pouch to put them in. It's bright pink I bought from Mitre 10.

We had a great time at the Woodside bbq thank you to all that made it! Louise says she will come and help out on Saturdays (to get out of the house she says). Mum came and harvested some chillis which she made into hot sauce. I made ginger ale and we all had 5 different kinds of sausages.

Sarah the Gardener has been telling me all about her new book Growing Vegetables. She even has a blog to rival my own. But as far as I know she never has to battle with Auckland traffic so I will sign off for now and get going...