Sunday, 16 April 2017

Martha you are worried about many things

Yesterday was a beautiful day to celebrate the Resurrection, the sun was shining and the birds were singing. I noticed Martha wanted to get comfortable by the front door in the sun, she kept trying to sit down on the doormat but each time she sat down, she rose up again. When she did this for the 20th time I said to mum, well, better start making her sandpit.

Mum has now made a sandpit next to the pumpkins/melons. She managed to scrounge some wood from my brother's house, possibly it's rimu or kauri even. The next thing is to make a little swing set and slide for her. I think maybe she's having a second childhood and doesn't want to lay eggs anymore. I heard my cousins report that Porcupine, their chicken, died last week and now they only have Hazel. I am not sure if these lonely hens would seek each others company, but there could be something in setting up a retirement village for chickens.

I am going to raise up some seedlings for our winter vege beds - have spinach, coriander and pak choi to sow. Other gardening bits and pieces I have done is added to Mt Asher with some alyssum and daisy, as I think Magnolia Cleopatra needs some companion plants. I have noticed her leaves are turning brown and crispy at the edges and am worried she's not getting enough water with the heavy clay soil. Usually when deciduous leaves turn brown they go a nice colour all over they don't look mottled and burnt.  hmm.

I have planted more lambs ears under the maple tree as groundcovers and hoping Martha doesn't keep digging them up as she did my ajugas. Chicken wire netting is covering them in the mean time but I just would like something to grow there! There was a patch of liriope or it it mondo I have moved to the rock bed as it was kind of in the middle of nowhere just randomly.

I may head up to Kings today if they are still having their Easter Garage sale to see what's there, and find some pebbles to complete the rest of the bed so that Martha does not dig under the rosemary again and scatter all the loose stones over the driveway. Why can't she sit still??!

In other news I am not working today and was told by the landscaping company in a Very Important Email to NOT work today (or Good Friday) I'm thinking they are taking very seriously any violators of this rule because if us working gardeners don't have a day off to enjoy ourselves our own gardens will never get done.