Friday, 14 April 2017

Garden of Gesthemane

JoAnne lent a helping hand as we potted up spider plants in the hanging baskets at church, they now have new liners and the beds are now full of dianthus, whilst another bed near the entrance has begonias and polyanthus. Darcy our pastor prayed the new flowers wouldn't get stolen as they were last time he suspects the people at the carboot sale took our poppies. Hmm.

Well...maybe they went to good homes? People are always stealing from our church. One time a lady came from another church and got up in our sharing time and said 'now I don't want to steal your sheep' and then proceeded to lead some of us astray. LOL. Well she desperately needed people for Bibles In Schools so decided to try our church. Guess what I do now.

Sometimes I think there's a fine line between stealing and borrowing. Hey if you want to have flowers can you please CUT them not take the whole plant roots and all, that way it can grow again.

As we finished clearing up the garden beds round the front I noticed an entire bed I hadn't seen before that could be planted up. Ok it is a neverending task, but that one was full of weeds too. There are also some ugly gas bottles that could use a vine as a screen. I had suggested we plant olives and grapes seeing we are West Auckland and grapevines are our heritage, and olives, because, well that's biblical, but I was told no because of the monkeys. I mean the kids.

I thought why are there kids at our church? I thought our church was for lambs. Kids should go where  kids go which is hanging out at the scrapyard eating junk food with their nanny goats. I'm trying to make a pastoral safe place for our sheep and can't have kids eating everything and butting heads with the lambs! Where is our Good Shepherd when you need Him, keeping the wolves from the door and the foxes out of the vines, now we can't have vines cos obviously people have just given up and let the church garden go to wrack and ruin.

Well..all I can think of was if people are too lazy and fall asleep praying Jesus just went into the garden sweating drops of blood. It was the only place he could go, having been kicked out of His own Father's House. And then he was buried there. I'm sure some people mistook him for a gardener about three days later.