Thursday, 6 April 2017

More ramblings

Dear Garden Diary

You have been a faithful friend to listen to all my ramblings and I just want to thank you that I can take all my garden worries to you. Sometimes when people persecute me for making gardens I just count it all joy, knowing all this hard work and suffering brings a greater reward.

Well yesterday was a complete random surprise when a bird turned up on the neighbours driveway and thought it was my cousins' cockatiel bird Melody escaping from her house. So I called the bird and it climbed on my arm and I took it across the road. I knocked at the door. My cousins opened it looking at me and the bird on my shoulder with shock and surprise. Here's Melody I said.

That's not Melody, Melody is here!

I looked at the bird. What?! This isn't Melody?

No it was a completely different bird. Melody was sitting as usual in her pen looking in the mirror.
Oh but its so pretty, said Patrina. Natalie said Can I pat it? Let's give it some food.


Ok well I left the bird with them because if I took it home, we don't have any bird seed and Mummy Cat might think it's her dinner.

Melody and the new bird seemed to be getting along fine.


Well anyway, that's what happened yesterday.
The day before last, was gardening at Mt Eden not far from my granddad's old place. Now this place, a Second Nature designed garden, had a purple themed front formal garden but when you went down the back, it was like an oasis complete with two water features. I was like wooah, lush!

After that I came  home and did some more of my own garden. I have put more spider plants and ajuga under the maple tree and we had all that rain, even put some purple tradescantia in, hoping it would spread, and the bog garden I had put down the back absorbed all the rain so we didn't even have any puddles the way it used to flood before I put plants in to drink the water.

I have  a new plan to do the church hanging baskets with spider plants. They will be free from my garden won't even have to buy them, I'm also sourcing free hydrangeas, and can even go past Kings Plant Barn announcing a garage sale and not even go in.

Except maybe today when I need to find some more pebbles for the rest of my rock garden but Karyn and I are going to find some sand at the beach for Martha's (and her NEW trio of chickens) sandpit.

That is all for now.