Thursday, 30 March 2017

Worm workers start this week

Thank you Compost Collective! Yes my worm workers have arrived but I still have to set them up to find the perfect office location. So they are still in their box waiting to be trained.  I'm looking for some bricks as they need a flat level and with this brick house you'd think there would be at least some spare but I only found one block under the house. I need two!

So if anyone has a spare brick or two throw them my way.

I had not thought it would be so easy to be a farmer in the suburbs but now I own a worm farm so I don't need to even find one to marry.

My worm farm comes with three tiers and tiger worms, bedding and instruction sheet. I will soon be producing vermicast which is a fancy name for worm wee, IF I can find some bricks. You don't know how frustrating it is to be on slopey land so that the worm bin tiers slide around, and there is no shade since Dad nearly destroyed my fig tree, which I was growing for shade because worms don't appreciate UV radiation.

Socks bunny seems to have mysteriously disappeared and gone back to his home burrow.
Other than that am busy busy because I am mixing ginger ale for bbq, juggling that with my two miracle jobs and hopefully be paid next week so I can give the worm workers their wages. They don't accept cash as it's plastic these days but are quite happy munching on shredded bank statements.

Margaret has kindly offered me her spare hydrangea bush and have decided to plant it at the church since thats where it's flowers are going to go anyway. I have decided to unofficially give St Giles Church a makeover and grow more flowers beside it so I won't have to go far to find them. I am rostered on for May, and so I am going to also secretly put in bulbs now so that whoever is on in August will have daffodils or anemones or lilies of the field that neither toil nor spin.

I'm learning that landscape designers looove star jasmine so am thinking instead of boring griselina hedge we ought to have star jasmine trailing up the church walls or as a groundcover, hydrangea in each corner, rain lilies instead of flowerless mondo grass (whoever planted the black mondo grass maybe didn't think of the church flower arrangers) and big bold canna lilies and hibiscus. No roses as God really doesn't like thorns and thistles, I don't either. I must get on to it soon as now is the time to plant - autumn is the season.