Sunday, 12 February 2017

Prepare for Permablitz

Well I now have five sacks of shredded library papers waiting to be turned into sheet compost. Except I need all the other greens as well, only mum cut down all the mugwort to dry and so I can't use that. I'm not sure what she's planning on doing with it all.
Today I moved some lambs ears to the rocky bed as they seem to do well there, moved a fuchsia procumbens to trail near the hydrangea, replaced the container with a prostrate rosemary and spider plant and also removed an ailing rose bush to replace with upright rosemary, which I hope will grow into a good size hedge. I've decided to make a hedgerow for my border along the fence, and roses do not cut it as a hedge.

I am now reading 'The Permaculture Handbook' and absorbing the 12 principles of Permaculture.

Principle 1. Observe and interact. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Well looking at my backyard which is going to be the site of my permaculture garden, it seems its very...flat. And boring. Since all the top soil has been scraped away it is not especially fertile, and most of it is lawn. The north facing side of the house which would be best for growing crops has the least bit of land. The soil is clay.

The good thing about it is, its not en entire wasteland. My efforts, such as they are, to establish plants has meant there is quite a bit of diversity and interest, enough for  birds, bees, butterflies, cats, chickens, ducks, hedgehogs and now even bunnies to visit my garden.

I have pitched a tent on my lawn to enjoy the summer weather under the tangelo tree which yields a juicy crop. My main issue is, I could grow more food plants and herbs if only the soil were not so deficient and hard clay. But how do I do this?

I am not allowed to put in anymore trees. One I grew from seed, a pear, is always being cut to stump by my parents. Apparently any tree is not allowed to grow too tall. Dad nearly destroyed a fig tree I tried to grow so am not really allowed to risk any. Grapevines grown near the fence did not survive the lawnmower.  I would like to espalier a fruit tree on the side of the brick house but not sure which would be best suited.

I do not mow the lawns but Dad has an addiction to fossil fuel that I think he would not easily break. I have not actually seen him walk up to the shops, EVER. If he wants to go to the corner dairy, he drives in the car. He used to drive us to school when we could have walked. I am really paying for this mindset of throw-away convenience with the junk food he fed me and its just his habit that I grew up with.

It will be hard to re-educate him on permaculture ways to heal our suburban nearly 1/4 acre section. But I must start. If the oil runs out one day, he really wouldn't be able to go anywhere he pleases, work or mow the lawn and then I'd be stuck home with him all day and we will get into arguments.  Another issue is I am not allowed to grow any trees within the vicinity of the temperature box/ weather station. Aside from that, I can grow most of my food at Woodside, but ideally I need to start replenishing the soil that we have at home. Which means mulch, mulch and more mulch.