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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Librarians Anonymous

So far I've got two sacks full of shredded library papers. I'm going to mulch Myra's bed with them so the kikuyu grass can't spread. Myra's front bed includes, an angel trumpet tree, manuka, lavender, philendron, echeverias, roses, lemons, borage, australian frangipani, and a few succulents and bulbs.

So far the mulch seems to be working in Ferndale and no unruly weeds have been sprouting amongst my pebbles. Another bed has the shredded library paper treatment in which I am going to drop more oriental lilies I've decided.

Loretta has been getting into gardening and has asked me to go up to Palmers Planet with her but seeing as its so expensive I think Mitre 10 may be a better option (it is right next door). If I go to Palmer's Planet I end up wandering around the expensive lifestyle options and wondering who's got a spare $5000 to drop on a spa pool or water feature. To go with the garden of course. My uncle? He just dug a giant hole in his backyard.

Am looking forward to the APW course this weekend where I will learn philosophy and design. I expect it will be pretty highbrow stuff judging by the jargon in the Powerpoints. Of course its all very technical but I wasn't expecting to learn a whole new language.

Here are some new words.

The Eco-Flower

Well at least there's no library words like

Primary Sources
Information Retrieval
Inverted File
Alphanumeric Arrangement
Authority Control
Populated Records

which are all going to end up as mulch for my flowers.